Friday, March 26, 2010


My personal writing process goes something like this. I start off with main ideas I want to get across in my paper. I then write a sentence or two that explain each main point. Then I try to arrange a logical order to put the main ideas in, trying to make a good flow between my main points. After I get a good arrangement of my main points, I will free write a paragraph about each main point. My first run through will be rough and long. Then I will go through and refine the paragraphs. Using less words, choosing better words, rearranging the words in the sentences, and rearranging the sentences in the paragraph, trying to get a good flow, and make it easy for a reader to make scene of it. Even after that, my paper is still pretty rough. I had some people read my rough draft, they caught a lot of inconsistencies with my verb tense, and some simple grammatical error. I also read it aloud to some one, I was able to catch some messy sentences that didn't easily make sense. I actually spend quite a bit of time wrestling with pretty much every sentence. It takes me a few tries, of rewriting, refining and rearranging.

"Revisions: From First to Final Draft", by Sharon Williams helped me catch a lot of my errors. I realized I was using too many quotes, and I didn't always explain the significance of each quote I used. I also made an outline of my paper as Williams advised, this helped me catch some problems in the flow of the paper. By going over my outline I was able to rearrange a few paragraphs to make it flow better. I have spell checked and proofread many times over, and I am fairly proud of my paper.

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