Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Homosapien 2.0

Now that we have all logged on and actively disconnected from the real world, maybe we can share some of our ideas with the hostility that comes along with face to face conversation. People tend to find my point of view offensive and are quick to tell me were i am wrong. But with a blog like this I wont have to be interrupted. So if you don't like my point of view, then stop reading. If you feel like you need to tell me something, then do so in the designated comment area. It is a much more polite way conversing. Online we are disconnected from the human aspect of conversation, and being disconnected promotes honesty. I'm not saying we are all lying when we talk face to face, but we do hold somethings back.

Using blogging as a tool for an college English class I think it is inventive and bold. But i don't think it is healthy. Like most technology, I think blogging is separating us from the natural way of life. Blogging removes the most important part of conversation, the connection from one human soul to another. When we talk to some one we are using much more than just words, and we receive and give much more than just ideas. That raw human interaction is becoming more rare. What a shame.

Sure our technology has connected the world, but that is not what we need. A globalized community is not what nature intended for us, we are supposed to have small tight nit tribal communities. Our minds and bodies were carefully sculpted through evolution by nature. But we have a strange quark in us, we have taken control of our evolution, mother nature no longer dictates the path for our species. We have snatched the reigns away from mother earth around the time that agriculture was invented, and we have been on a slippery slope ever since. Slowly growing further and further from our natural state of being.But there is still a simple check in balance system built into the universe, which we will never be free of. Successful strategies will live on and unsuccessful strategies will fall. So I have faith that the human race will live on long after the earth dies, with all of our technology we have learned to survive in outer space.

Oh yes I almost forgot about the main point “blogging”. So before I wrap it up let me bring it all back around. Though blogging might be a unnatural way of communicating, what the hell. I might wish to be a human again, a raw organic human, but we as a society are way past that point now, and there is no turning back. We are on our way to becoming cyborgs, half human half technology. Just look at us; lap tops, cell phones, I pods, are all becoming a inseparable part of our society. And as technology progresses those devices get smaller and more personalized, what's next cell phone implants in our brain? It's not that far out, the cyborg is on its way. It is the next generation of humans, the next evolutionary step for a new species, Homosapien 2.0 .

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