Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A rhetorical analises of a rhetrorical analysis.

This student has done a decent job with her rhetorical analysis. The student did a good job with supporting their ideas with examples from the text. Their logic was fairly solid. The student also did a good job with the summary, and with the rhetorical situation. The attended audience was clear, and so was the thesis. After re-reading the analysis I found some weak points. The chronological organization the student used could have been done in a executed effective manner. This student jumps around between her main point, and even strays off on tangents perhaps a bit to far from the main point. This makes their analysis difficult to follow. Another small problem I identified is the student's inconsistency of the academic tone. At times student strays from the initiated academic tone and gives way to a more personal tone, for example when the student describes as author of the speech he is analyzing as the student insisted,“He is a man in sync with a moral code.” Another example of the student inserting their personal opinion is when the student implies that “religious roots that are most likely deeply embedded within members of his audience.” by stating these personal assumptions this student weakens their credibility. The student does repeat the important points of their thesis, but perhaps to much. Making it appear as if the student hasn't sufficiently analyzed the speech and has a difficult time coming up with way's to illustrate of their idea's. This students analyses was decent, I got the main points, and understood their analysis with a fair amount of depth. But I was unable to sufficiently grasp the essence of rhetoric of the chosen speech.

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